How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads this Holiday Season

By Noor Hammad - October 17, 2018
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The holiday season is fast approaching and if you’re like most consumer brands, you’re planning your holiday ad campaigns (you have started planning right?).

In honor of the upcoming holidays, we thought we’d share some key lessons we’ve learned working with consumer brands to streamline and improve their social ad campaigns.

Social is where the battle is fought

A recent study by Reveal Mobile found that more than a third (36.4 percent) of consumer brands will allocate the majority of their holiday ad spend to social media—with email, tv and print only attracting half those ad dollars.

Facebook ad revenue (excluding Instagram) grew 40 percent year-on-year in Q2 2018, and Instagram’s increased a massive 177 percent over the same period.

Facebook and Instagram are where your potential customers are and where you need to be as a consumer brand this holiday period.

But, there are some challenges and opportunities that social advertising presents.

Fresh is best (but challenging)

We’ve written about the importance (and struggle) of keeping your social ad creative fresh.

Most credible sources recommend that you refresh your creatives every 4-6 weeks. However, on Facebook and Instagram you need to change your creative weekly. Facebook will stop displaying your ads if your ad creative isn’t frequently refreshed. Facebook has openly acknowledged that this is how they handle creatives:

“Ads that are shown around 3 times or more tend to decline in performance, even if they were initially very successful. We recommend creating a new ad with a new image or text about once a week. Make sure to stop your previous ad before running the new one so that they don’t compete with each other.”

User-generated (UGC) provides you with an abundant source of visual content that you can use to keep your social advertising fresh.

Stackla has workflows to help you gain permission to feature user-generated content in your ads and plugins that can push that rights- approved content directly to Facebook or your favorite ad tech.

Authenticity and relevance are key

User-generated content solves the freshness challenge but it has an added (and arguably more important) benefit: better ad performance!

There’s nothing more jarring when scrolling through your social timeline—packed full of posts from your family and friends—than a shouty, cheesy ad. Using traditional stock images in your ad creative runs the risk of alienating your audience and is far less likely to attract a positive engagement than something more relevant and authentic.

What could be more relevant and authentic than content created by real people who love your brand? Allow me to answer my own question: nothing.

A study we commissioned found consumers are 3x more likely find consumer- created content authentic, compared to brand created content. And if you’re thinking you can fool customers with fancy camera work (cheeky!), think again. People are able to identify brand created content vs consumer generated content 70 percent of the time.

User-generated content is the most authentic, engaging content you can source for use in your advertising and leading consumer brands have used it to great effect.

Toyota boosted Facebook ad performance by 440 percent when they swapped stock photos for UGC.

Air France positively impacted every Facebook ad metric, lowering their cost per click and acquisition while simultaneously improving their click through rates.


Put UGC to work in your holiday ad campaigns

There’s 3 steps to powering your holiday Facebook and Instagram campaigns with customer content.

  1. Discover the best customer-generated visual content across 25+ network sources. From hashtags and keywords to geolocation, Stackla can help you find the most authentic, impactful customer content.
  2. Get legal rights to feature UGC in your ad campaigns. Built-in Rights Management workflows make reaching out to content creators and obtaining permission a breeze.
  3. Connect Stackla to your ad management platform. Whether your manage your ads in Facebook Ads Manager directly or through a 3rd-party ad management platform, we’ve got you covered. Our plugins automatically stream rights-approved, user-generated content directly to Facebook Ads Manager Media Library or ad tech like Brand Networks, Adroll, Sizemek and more.

Want to know more? Stackla customers can reach out to their Customer Success Manager or you can drop us a line.

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