How to Maximize Your Stackla Results in the Least Amount of Time Possible

By Ashley Hall - February 18, 2020
5 mins read time
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Stackla allows our customers to do more and get better results with less time and money.

The platform does this through a combination of AI, automation, integrations and other streamlined workflows and functionalities that have all been built with these overarching goals in mind.

Since we’re constantly improving and adding new functionality to our platform, it’s easy to miss some of our most powerful tools and innovations.

In this blog, we’re sharing our strategic pro tips so you can spend more time developing digital content strategies and less time managing your visual content engine.

1. Login with a goal in mind

Sorting through hundreds of UGC tiles with no end vision is often ineffective and time consuming.

Log in with a number of UGC tiles you hope to publish and where you’d to publish them.

Example: “We need 5 more images of our next promotion for our homepage.” Or “I need 10 new images for next month’s email campaigns.”

*Bonus points if you identify visual themes or concepts so you can use the concepts filter for hyper-specific searches. 

2. Moderate by…

  • Time – Moderate by looking at specific units of time such as UGC aggregated within the last month or last week. Rather than going back months, just look at your most topical and recent content.
  • Rights management status – Requesting rights will be a major milestone of your moderation process. You can always narrow in on content that has not yet been requested and then send out requests from there. Conversely, you can go in and see those that have been approved, then bulk tag and publish to your needs.
  • Type of media – If you are only interested in a certain type of media (video, photo, text, audio) for your activation, but sure to narrow in on it specifically. If you’re running a campaign about tweets only look at text posts if you’re only interested in images narrow in on only photos.
  • Type of recommendations – Within Co-Pilot you can actually filter your recommendations by type: what to publish, what to tag and what to rights manage. Check them out by category and bulk action them rather than looking across all of them all at once.
  • Concepts – Our visual recognition technology scans each piece of visual content that’s aggregated into your stack, automatically identifying objects, scenes, events, emotions and more and applying these qualities as “Concepts” to your UGC tiles. If you’re looking for content with specific visual qualities, filter and moderate your content by these concepts (for example: people, bridge, beach, dress, sunglasses, etc.).  

3. Make Co-Pilot your best friend

Co-Pilot is our machine learning tool that records your team’s moderation behaviors in Stackla, as well as how your published content performs with your audience, then intelligently predicts which of your unmoderated tiles should be tagged, rights-managed or published.

These predictive recommendations are particularly helpful if you are one of the lucky brands whose customers and fans share thousands of photos about you every month. Instead of wasting you and your team’s time sifting through hundreds or thousands of UGC in Stackla every week, Co-Pilot will do it for you — bubbling all the best, most relevant tiles to the top of your curate dashboard.

Example: Long-time Stackla customer, Cirque du Soleil relies on Co-Pilot to efficiently manage the vast volume of content they aggregate across their 18 global shows.

“Our fans generate nearly 50,000 pieces of authentic content every 3 months and we utilize around 13,600 of those visuals across our digital channels. It would take two additional full-time employees to manually go through that volume of content, but with Stackla our existing team can curate and moderate all that content in just a few hours per week—leaving more time for us to focus on other activities that can move the needle for our business.”– Pierre-Paul Larivière, Director of Digital Ecosystem at Cirque du Soleil

4. Discover more of the photos you like using our “View Similar Images” tool

Our View Similar Tiles tool is available on each UGC tile and uses visual recognition concepts to find tiles that emulate your favorites. This keeps your moderation consistent and uniform while expediting the discovery of high-quality, relevant images in Stackla.

5. Leverage search

Our search bar in the top right corner of your curation dashboard is super powerful. It searches both the handles and captions, as well as tags and visual concepts.

Looking for content talking about something extra special? Try searching for it.

Example: “We need holiday content for our Black Friday campaign.” Or “We need photos of people hiking for our summer activewear campaign.”

6. Do everything in bulk

Adjust your page settings so you can see the maximum number of tiles and then use the checkbox in the tiles you like to bulk tag, publish, trash or sometimes even request rights.

Rights managing tiles from Twitter via Rights by Response is super easy, click the tiles you like and send the requests in bulk.

Bulk rights managing tiles from Instagram is straightforward as long as your brand has been @mentioned. However, if you are looking at Instagram content via a search term or photo tag you will need to request a rights individually.

7. Stay organized

The more organized your stack, the quicker you’ll be able to achieve your content goals. Luckily, we offer numerous ways to help you keep your UGC organized and ready to be published:

  • Tagging Taxonomies – In Stackla, tags are the best way to classify and organize content. By developing a clear and standardized tagging taxonomy, you can more quickly and easily find the content you need and put it to use.
  • Saved Views – Save yourself some time by using our views functionality to save a particular curation view that you frequently use. If you’re running contests maybe you save a view for each contest tag and the dates of the contests you’re running. If you’re using GoConnect forms, maybe you save a view of all the content you’ve received via direct upload. Customize these views based on the content you most want to see quickly.
  • Automation Rules – Our automation rules allow you to automatically categorize your content post-aggregation based on media type, language, concept or network. Through automation rules you can do things like automatically tag all posts that include the hashtag #England with an England, UK location tag, or/or have all rights managed posts with the location of England automatically added to your UK Collection in your Stackla Asset manager.
  • Collections – Your Stackla Asset Manager is more than a place to store all your owned assets alongside your rights-approved UGC. It’s also a place to organize those production-ready assets. Creating Collections allows you to group multiple assets together for improved organization and access control within the Asset Manager. *Bonus: Automation Rules enables customers to determine which Collection(s) assets should flow to as they come into the Stackla Asset Manager as well as the ability to auto-apply tags, workflow statuses, expiry dates or change the rights status.

Start putting these pro tips into action today and let our visual content engine do the work for you!

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