How helloworld turned “lookers” into “bookers” with the world’s first Instagram relay

February 22, 2016
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helloworld, Australia’s leading integrated travel group, wanted to start its 2015-2016 fiscal year with a bang. As the “experts in everywhere,” the company wanted to create a huge splash that would inspire people to plan their next holiday, as well as demonstrate its global reach and deep expertise.

World’s first Instagram relay generates 20K+ content posts

Working with PR agency Holysmoke! and media agency OMD Australia, helloworld hatched a plan to stage the world’s first Instagram relay. The team worked with destinations to select 80 Instagram influencers to anchor the campaign, from different locations around the world. Each one was charged with uploading 12 photos in 12 hours, showcasing a day in the life. Travelers around the world were encouraged to join in as well by submitting their own photos, either on social networks using hashtag #helloworldRELAY or via direct upload.

The helloworld team worked with Stackla to create the centerpiece of the campaign: a microsite featuring a custom-built interactive map. As relay photos were aggregated using Stackla, they went through the moderation queue and were published to the map, where visitors could browse unique travel tips and content by location. The pins on the map were designed to grow as more content became available in each location.

Rights management streamlines permissions and collection of user data

Stackla’s rights management features played a pivotal role in facilitating the campaign and allowing helloworld to leverage the content it generated in a variety of ways. The interaction created by the rights management workflow also served a second important purpose: it enabled helloworld to collect email addresses from people who participated in the relay. These email addresses were added to the company’s CRM database for use in future email marketing campaigns.

UGC-powered ads drive big results

In addition, the Instagram relay was supported by a multi-channel marketing campaign that brought images from the relay to Aussie consumers via out-of-home (OOH) advertising in more than 230 bus shelters, digital retargeting, and an innovative just-in-time UGC-powered TV ad.

The integrated campaign was wildly successful, generating more than 10,000 inquiries to franchised travel agency partners over the seven-day sales period following the campaign.

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For more details about the many facets of helloworld’s groundbreaking Instagram relay, integrated marketing efforts, and inspiring results, please read the full case study.

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