GoConnect: Now with Video

By Noor Hammad - January 15, 2017
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GoConnect allows you to go beyond the social networks to take direct contributions from your website visitors or app users.

Embedding a GoConnect produces a form where visitors can:

  • Upload images
  • Enter text
  • Accept your terms and conditions

and provide any other information you wish to capture in custom form fields you configure.

The data captured is aggregated like any other Tile and can be tagged and moderated for display via the Manage Content screen.

There are a number of benefits to offering a direct upload option…

Democratise Engagement

GoConnect allows you to be social beyond the networks. Contributions can be submitted by people who don’t have social accounts or don’t want to use them to contribute to your campaigns.

This can lead to some remarkable results, as FOX Sports found out.

Capture User Data

While social networks are a great source of content, they don’t pass along much in the way of identity information. GoConnect allows you to capture custom fields like name and email address which you can then send to your CRM or other marketing tools – just make sure you have appropriate terms and conditions.


Where legal compliance is a concern, GoConnect provides the ability to require users to accept terms and conditions (these can be any you choose to link to) as a part of the submission process. This is really important for competitions and also if you have the intention of monetising user content by using it in social ads for example.

Now with video

Video is increasing in popularity as devices are becoming ever more capable of capturing and sharing video content. A quick look at your Instagram “discover” feed and you’ll notice the top 50% of the screen is dedicated to Instagram Stories and “Videos you may like”.

So we’ve added the ability for users to upload short videos to GoConnect, in addition to text and image content.

You can choose to allow video (or video + image) uploads when you configure your GoConnect.

We’ve built in some handy defaults:

  • The maximum video length is 300 seconds (5 minutes)
  • The maximum video size is 100MB.
  • All popular (19 at last count) file formats are supported.

GoConnect handles video processing and all that good stuff for you, ensuring that no matter what device your audience is uploading from, you’ll be able to accept and display their content.

GoConnect video support is available now.

More information on GoConnect is available on the Stackla Support Portal.

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