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By Peter Cassidy - January 24, 2018
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People have been taking pictures since 1826, but in the last ten years there’s been an explosion of visual content unlike any other time in history. It’s estimated that 3.5 million photos were shared every minute in 2016 and by 2021, 80 percent of all web traffic will be videos.

The power of visuals in brand storytelling is undeniable. It’s no coincidence that some of our earliest forms of written communications were mainly comprised of pictographs and symbols.

Visuals can transcend language barriers and convey complex messages more quickly and memorably than plain text. From pictures and videos to emojis and graphics, visual content has fueled the rapid growth of every top social and mobile platform people use today.

Can you even imagine a world where every website, email, ad and social network had no imagery, just text?

The New Lifeline of Modern Marketing

To meet the needs of content-hungry consumers who increasingly crave visually engaging experiences, the majority of marketers now say 91-100 percent of the content they publish contain visuals. However, over 65 percent struggle to consistently create engaging or well designed visuals.

65% of marketers say they struggle to consistently create engaging or well designed visuals.Click To Tweet

It’s nearly impossible for brand marketers to keep pace with the voracious visual appetites of their audiences. Throw personalization in to the mix and…forget about it. In the rush to develop new visual assets, it becomes difficult to properly organize and manage all the content they’re creating – meaning they aren’t getting the most value out of the content they do have.

After all, content is only useful if it can be easily found, consumed, reused and repurposed.

Visual Content Is No Longer Out of Marketers’ Reach

For the last five years, Stackla has been helping global marketers source high volumes of authentic and compelling visual content from across the social web and put it to use throughout their marketing channels.

By allowing them to tap into the massive amounts of content their customers were creating online everyday, we’ve enabled hundreds of marketers to create more engaging and personalized multi-channel experiences for their target audiences while saving them significant amounts of time and money.

But, although user-generated content (UGC) is the most effective and abundant source of content marketers can get their hands on, it isn’t the only content they regularly need and use.

Marketers rely on a mix of earned, paid and owned visual assets to drive their various marketing activities, typically using a digital asset manager (DAM) to store all this content in a centralized system.

While it’s great to have a single source of truth for all your assets, a static system, like traditional DAMs, will never be able to adequately support today’s dynamic digital marketing teams. As our CEO is fond of saying, “A DAM that can satisfy the content-hungry modern marketing suite (or DXP) must be a beating heart, not an archaic combustion engine that needs fuel to fire.”  

What today’s DAMs are missing is the ability to actively discover and recommend new content to marketers that need hundreds of new visuals on a daily basis – for their social channels, emails, websites, ads and everything else. So we decided to put our content discovery and recommendation technology to use within the DAM of the future.  

Reimagining the Digital Asset Manager

We’re excited to announce the Stackla Asset Manager, the first digital asset management platform to offer real-time content discovery and AI-powered predictive recommendations.

A home for all of brands’ visual assets – sourced from customers, influencers, agencies and/or internal design teams – Stackla Asset Manager makes all visual content instantly accessible to any team or audience for use on any channel.

With AI-powered content curation and visual recognition, marketers can now actively discover new visual assets, rights manage, auto-tag and enrich them with relevant metadata, then seamlessly publish them across all their customer touchpoints.  

Using the Stackla Asset Manager, marketers can continually build a library of captivating visual assets and easily invite their wider business – from designers and developers to brand managers and digital marketers – to view, access and utilize all these brand-approved assets from a single, intuitive platform. Not to mention the results they’ll achieve and the time they’ll save by leveraging our Co-Pilot predictive recommendations to help constantly improve which content they publish and where they publish it.

Now, marketer’s dream of taking content from anywhere and optimizing it anywhere is finally a reality.

To learn how the Stackla Asset Manager can help transform the way you think about content, request a personalized demo by filling out the form below.

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