Discovering Your Brand’s Best User-Generated Visuals

By Mallory Walsh - January 20, 2018
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Do you ever wonder what people all over the world are saying about your brand online?

For global marketers that can be an exciting, but daunting thought. How do you even begin to track down all of the content being shared about your brand across every digital channel? And once you find it, what should you do with it?

Mining the Social Web for Content Gold

If you feel like you are constantly struggling to produce enough visual content to fuel all your digital marketing activities, you’re not alone.

Over 65 percent of marketers say they struggle to consistently create engaging or well designed visuals. What they’re forgetting is that everyone has become a content creator in the age of social media.  

Everyday, 2.5 billion pieces of content are created and shared online by consumers – most of which are photos and videos. That’s a goldmine of unique, authentic and engaging content being created at a pace and quantity even the largest brands would never be able to match. The content is out there, you just need to find it.

Which leads to a new challenge: how can you efficiently sift through those billions of posts across multiple social networks to surface the content that is relevant to your brand?

In the not too distant past, this would have been an overwhelming task. Luckily, thanks to smart tools and technologies, what used to seem impossible can now be done in seconds.

By combining artificial intelligence (AI) with automated platforms to actively discover and recommend the best content, here at Stackla we’ve helped hundreds of marketers around the world source the best content about their brands from across the social web.

Discover, Distribute, Reuse, Repurpose

Once you uncover all the authentic content people are actively creating about your brand, these are some strategic ways to utilize it throughout your digital marketing:

  • Create More Engaging Websites – Bring your websites to life with enough relevant and relatable content to support personalized experiences for all your target audiences. Brands like Expedia have seen up to a 34 percent increase in pageviews.
  • Deliver More Dynamic Emails – Excite and delight your audiences by infusing your marketing emails with a dynamic stream of visually compelling content. If you’re trying to achieve 45 percent email click-through rates, they could be in your future with personalized UGC-powered emails.
  • Drive Social Commerce Conversions – Social content has become the top source of buying inspiration and validation for consumers. Using it as social proof and making it actionable with “Buy Now” buttons can help to shorten the path to purchase and increase eCommerce conversion rates by up to 260 percent.
  • Enrich Live Experiences – Shoppers, particularly Millennials, now prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than things. So whether you’re a travel destination, a pop-up store or simply hosting a contest, make sure you’re capturing and shining a spotlight on the great content your customers are creating. Brands like Topshop have seen 11:1 return on investment by promoting UGC at a live events.

Savvy marketers around the world are improving their digital performance while saving time and money by tapping into the abundance of free user-generated content that people are creating about their brand everyday.

See how you can start getting better content with less effort.

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