Celebrating Stackla’s 5th Birthday 🎉

By Damien Mahoney - June 21, 2017
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Today we are celebrating Stackla’s 5th birthday, and it marks a tremendous milestone that everyone associated with the company should be bloody proud of.

And in typical Stackla style, encompassing our core cultural values of evolution and building a legacy, we’ve released our most exciting product so far, Co-Pilot.

It’s the culmination of 12 months of dedicated product effort and genius, and puts even further daylight between us and our competitors as we deliver upon the vision of content marketing automation for the enterprise.  

Retrospectively, am I surprised we have built a company that delivers market-leading technology for global enterprise brands?

Well, yes and no. At the start of the journey, our goals were simple, and we would have been satisfied with selling into a few of our agency customers. Stackla wasn’t planned or contrived. It came out of genuine creativity and inquisitiveness, driven by entrepreneurial spirit and resilience. We had modest expectations, and we’ve smashed them.

However, when we ran our first beta test around Coachella in early 2012, it was a eureka moment. This was a content experience like no other I had experienced or seen, and we had created it. I was confident we were building something that other marketers, and more importantly, their customers would get great value from.

So in some ways I am not surprised we have made it to this point. The idea, the product and the team had an inherent strength that even in spite of our own shortcomings as founders, mistakes and market conditions, couldn’t be defeated.

And one of the great privileges of being in our position, is to experience the gratification that comes along the way as your company and team grows. Over the last 5 years we’ve celebrated some great achievements, including:

  • The very first deal with SBS – supporting a small bike race called the Tour de France!
  • Moving the team to Crows Nest – our first proper office with air conditioning and a dishwasher
  • Becoming Twitter partners – we found out via a press release
  • Opening in London and San Francisco offices – we’re going global, baby!
  • The White House – Thanks Barack and Michelle

There’s probably a few I’ve missed as there’ve been many, and no doubt there’ll be more. That’s a given.

“Conversation Is King”. A new mural for our Sydney office by @georgiahillbth #Stacklalife

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But even more so than the company milestones, the ones achieved by our team are just as significant and satisfying, like when:

  • Lauren and Sophie transferred to our LON and SFO offices – “Shit, we are global!”
  • We promoted our first group of SDR’s into CS, Marketing and Sales roles: Fred, Ben, Mick and Liz
  • Naming our Machine Learning algorithm after our very first tech hire Raymo – RAIMO
  • Stackla babies from Jess, Raymo, Helman, Rod and Pete

While building a company from the scratch is no walk in the park, the victories are sweet and the toil is always worth it, even when it isn’t.

So here’s to Stackla, our team, our investors, our supporters and families who keep us whole. Thanks for getting us to five years! You ROCK!

What a team! Stackla Sales Kick Off 2017! #sgsko17 #stacklalife

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