Cadbury’s #Joycabs bring free chocolate to Londoners

February 23, 2015
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Cadbury’s have come together with London’s black cabs to launch an awareness campaign enabling members of the public to take a cab and claim a free chocolate bar!

How it works

21 black cabs have been redesigned with Cadbury’s distinctive purple branding. Londoners who spot one or are lucky enough to take a ride in one are encouraged to take a selfie or simply a picture of the cab then Tweet using the #JoyCabs competition hashtag.

Stackla pulls in all this content for Cadbury to moderate. The Cadbury’s team uses Stackla’s rights management direct engagement feature to invite each entrant to claim their free chocolate bar.

Entrants are linked to custom-designed Stackla screens (again in Cadbury’s well known purple branding), where they are prompted to enter their name and email address so they can receive a voucher for the free bar, as well as accept Cadbury’s terms and conditions.


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