Building the Beating Heart of the Marketing Stack

By Damien Mahoney - December 12, 2017
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I recently attended the Sitecore Symposium in Las Vegas, and one of my highlights was the presentation from Gartner analyst Kirsten Newbold-Knipp who spoke about the importance of personalised customer experiences and how the marketing stack needed to evolve to deliver upon this growing expectation.

In essence, she was talking about the arrival of the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and how it can deliver upon the promise of personalised customer experiences. As marketers, no longer do we have to settle for a disparate set of tools – such as CMS, email, social, analytics and CRM/DMP – that don’t talk to each other, but can instead have all of these tools combined into a single platform to deliver a seamless and coherent customer experience.

Gartner recently named Oracle as the lone leader in their recent analysis of the space, with other key players including Sitecore, IBM, Episerver, Adobe, Salesforce and SAP.

Kirsten spoke about her own buying experience, and how it was a typical example (or opportunity) for how her specific needs and wants could and should be addressed by a DXP. Also, how the Internet of Things will be the next sphere of personalisation.

But one of the key takeaways for me was that to truly deliver upon a personalisation strategy, content was key. It’s a message we’ve been talking about at Stackla for a long time, so it was validating to hear Kirsten reinforce this message.

And that one of the foundational systems required to do this was a DAM (Digital Asset Manager), a central content repository that could distribute content to the various components of the marketing stack. Kirsten highlighted DAMs as an emerging foundation of the marketing stack that sat alongside CMS, email, etc.

This all makes sense.

But one thing a traditional DAM does not address completely is content – or specifically, content volume, content quality and content recommendation. A DAM that can satisfy the content-hungry modern marketing suite (or DXP) must be a beating heart, not an archaic combustion engine that needs fuel to fire.

Building the DAM of the Future

We believe the DAM that supports a DXP should discover content for marketers, sweeping the abundant social web and media landscape as well as internal and external resources to pull in and store content from anywhere.

This content should then be categorised and enhanced with rich metadata to ensure it can fully take advantage of the targeting capabilities of the DXP.

Then ultimately, the DAM of the future will tell you what to publish. After sourcing thousands of content items, it will harness the oceans of data available to tell marketers the best content to publish to the right person on the right channel.

This would be Nirvana for marketers: a marketing platform filled with rich content, telling you what to publish, when and to whom while personalising the customer journey from discovery to adoption and conversion.

In 2018, Stackla will make this Nirvana a reality for marketers everywhere.

We’ve been working to solve marketers’ biggest content challenges: sourcing amazing content then seamlessly categorising, storing, analysing, recommending and distributing it.

This represents a fundamental shift away from traditional thinking around what purpose a DAM should serve. For marketers, the need for content has never been greater, and we’re excited to deliver our new game-changing solution this upcoming January.

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