6 Reasons Stackla Is The Best Solution For UGC Rights Management

By Noor Hammad - December 19, 2018
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As more and more brands look to leverage user-generated content in their marketing, robust Rights Management workflows have only grown in importance.

As such, Rights Management has been a key product development focus at Stackla as we aim to stay one step ahead of the emerging best practice.

Here are six reasons we believe our solution is the right choice:

1. Rights for all networks

Stackla offers more aggregation sources than any other platform (currently 25+), including all the major social networks, regional networks, niche interest networks, blogs and direct uploads.

No matter where you find a great piece of user-generated content, you can rely on Stackla to support you with workflows to request and receive content rights.

You can even use our new Stackla Chrome Extension to instantly send rights requests to users while browsing and collecting UGC directly in Instagram and YouTube.

2. AI-powered rights requests

Co-Pilot, Stackla’s predictive recommendations engine, will learn from the rights requests you make and their success rates.

From this data, Co-Pilot will make predictive recommendations about the content it thinks you’ll want to request rights for in the future that has the highest probability of a positive response from the content creator.

3. User data capture

The first step to building a relationship with your best advocates is finding out who they are. Stackla Rights Management allows you to configure data capture forms as part of your workflows. Not only can you capture standard contact fields – name, address, email, phone, postcode/zip code – you can also configure custom fields to capture any data you require.

Using our suite of plugins, you can have this data flow directly to your CRM or marketing automation platform.

4. Integrated file uploads

Picture this: you’ve found a great customer photo on Instagram. You love the photo so much you’d like to feature it as a website hero image or across your print collateral (like our friends at Busabout do), but Instagram’s 1080 x 1080px default image size just won’t cut it.

With our Rights Management upload forms you can ask content creators to upload a full resolution photo as part of the Rights Management process. Content creators can use these fields to upload up to 20 images, video or audio files at a time and grant you rights with a single click.

5. Asset Manager and visual recognition

When a content creator grants a rights request, the associated asset automatically flows in to Stackla Asset Manager.

Visual Recognition scans your visual content to identify objects, scenes and events, then it tags your assets for easy searching and sorting.

You can also use Asset Manager’s built-in editing suite to crop, add a filter or overlay text on an asset before sharing directly to a social network using the built-in sharing tools.

If you have one of our ad integrations configured, your rights-approved user-generated content will be automatically pushed to your ad platform of choice.

6. Robust, legal-friendly workflows

While not every use case for user-generated content requires rights approval – some more risk-averse brands have internal policies that require approval of all content before display.

Batch request workflows allow you to send dozens of rights requests with a single click. To avoid running up against social networks’ anti-spam protections, our bulk requests utilize smart processing queues that automatically drip your customized requests out in a steady stream so you don’t break any network rules.

To keep your legal team happy, Rights Request Audit Logs keep a record of every request made with all the relevant information, such as which user made the request, the time and date of the request, the request message, terms and conditions attached and the current status of the request.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about Stackla Rights Management, we’d love to chat. Please drop us a line.

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