5 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty Using Email Marketing

By Sujan Patel - October 22, 2019
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By 2022, there will be nearly 4.3 billion people in the world with email accounts. That means the potential of email marketing will only continue to grow.

Email marketing lets you deliver the best of your offerings directly to your customers. And with more and more adults checking their email daily, your chances of getting into the inbox and being seen are good.

But you want more than to be seen, or even to make a one-time sale. The key to consistent long-term growth is customer loyalty. After all, it can be seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one.

With careful planning and value-packed messaging, you can develop a fun, personalized and consistent touchpoint with your audience that will only make them love you more.

Here are five ways to improve customer loyalty through email marketing.

1. Send Your Subscribers on a Journey

Use your welcome email to set the tone for the type of content you’ll offer. Get them excited about upcoming promotions, guide them through a how-to, or send them on a journey through an informative email course sequence.

Regardless of what you offer, make the benefits of joining the list clear. Detail how they can save time and money, enjoy increased convenience and simplification or leverage personal development and professional growth, among other things.

Knowing these benefits from the start will keep people attracted to your content.

In general, make sure you’re following email marketing best practices. Craft an irresistible subject line, create value with your content, use analytics to determine best sending time and double-check that your emails are mobile-friendly across different phones and browsers.

2. Target Your Emails to Specific Audiences

Isn’t it annoying when you receive marketing for a new car, even though you just bought one? Irrelevant emails often get sent to the trash. Next time, they might head for the unsubscribe button.

Use the information you have about your audience to offer them things they’ll find interesting, useful, and relevant.

It’s also ok to get really niche. One study found that campaigns sent to 35 subscribers or less – which implied highly-personalized content – saw incredible email open rates at an average of 55 percent.

Info like past purchases, demographics and other interest cues can help you send curated messaging. Many email marketing platforms allow for segmentation so that you can group your subscribers by a range of factors.

If you build a reputation for sending relevant offers, people are more inclined to stay on your list and involved with your content.

3. Send Targeted Reminders

So you’ve segmented your list and sent relevant content. But now, you’ve noticed that engagement with your emails has begun to dwindle.

It’s time to pull out the big guns: friendly reminders.

Stats show that one follow-up email can lead to a 2x increase in responses. Worth doing, right?

Abandoned cart messages, new product recommendations and encouraging repeat purchases are all great ways to send targeted and personalized content to your subscribers.

You can also run a re-engagement campaign. Be upfront and let them know that you don’t want to bother them with emails they don’t read. Kindly explain that they’ll be removed from your list if they don’t respond or follow the call-to-action in the email.

For those who choose to stay, offer them a reward for reengaging and remaining on the list.

4. Join the Club – Make It Exclusive

‘Hoping for a reward’ is the number-one reason why consumers agree to receive marketing emails. Make these rewards clear and frequent in your email marketing, because if people feel like they don’t have to be on your email list to get the same offers, they might just choose to unsubscribe.

Make an effort to write better emails that promote special benefits and exclusivity when it comes to the value your email list offers.

Send special content that can only be accessed through emails, like how-to articles, special discounts, holiday promotions, limited-time products or email courses.

5. Give Subscribers Control Over Preferences

You can have the best email marketing in the world, but you’ll still come across subscribers who simply want less email in their inbox.

If you’re sending daily new blog post notifications or even weekly updates to your subscribers, you may unnecessarily find yourself on the chopping block.

Don’t lose interested subscribers just because they prefer a different notification schedule. Give them control over what they receive and when they receive it.

Take Moosejaw’s unsubscribe page, for example. It allows subscribers to choose both their preferred schedule and the type of content they receive. If you’re lucky, your subscriber may even take this chance to jump off one list and onto another.

With email marketing only growing more popular, it’s important to keep your audience engaged and excited to receive your emails. Above all else, provide relevant content that is curated to their interests, demographics and past purchases – and you’ll earn their loyalty.

Which of these methods do you think is most important for boosting loyalty?

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