5 Ways Brands Are Putting Their Customers On The Map

By Megan DeGruttola - December 8, 2017
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For years, social media has been the go-to channel for brands to inspire and connect with audiences in real-time. But the conversation doesn’t have to stop there. Marketers at top brands, across all industries, are integrating real customer content into their websites in dynamic and interactive ways.  

By visualizing the social content being posted by your customers in real-time, actionable maps, you can feature your fans while bringing their content to life.

Here’s how 5 different brands from around the world are tapping into the power of UGC geolocation visualization.  

Busabout’s Interactive Tour Maps

Busabout’s hop-on hop-off network of coach buses offer a freestyle form of travel for Millennials and younger generations seeking to create their own adventures.

To take advantage of the thousands of real moments their customers were capturing and sharing on social media during their trips, Busabout used Stackla to create an interactive map on their on their website. With this engaging, visual content hub, site visitors can see authentic traveler photos as they’re happening with the ability to click through all of Busabouts destinations to find potential stops for their own adventure.

This innovative web campaign has won Busabout a nomination for Best User-Generated Content Campaign in the upcoming Digiday Awards in Europe.

Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Around the World

Gordon Ramsay Restaurants consist of 31 internationally-renowned restaurants ranging from casual dining to Michelin-starred.

To create a community destination where guests can see and share their experiences in real-time, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants worked with Stackla to build an interactive map highlighting all the great content guests were creating in their restaurants around the world.

Dan Murphy’s #OpenHouseCocktails Competition

Australia’s favorite liquor store, Dan Murphy’s, sought to engage and inspire their customers by launching a nationwide cocktail creation competition. They asked people to share a photo or video of a cocktail they created using the hashtag #OpenHouseCocktails for a chance to win a home bar and a $250 Dan Murphy’s gift card.

Using Stackla, Dan Murphy’s was able to create a map to showcase the cocktails and recipes their customers were creating throughout Australia.

Lush Visualizes Products At Live Creative Showcase Event

Handmade cosmetics brand, Lush, hosts an annual immersive brand experience, called the Creative Showcase. Here they show sneak-peeks of new products, live Lush Kitchen demonstrations, expert talks on new innovations and, of course, film installations and music pop-ups.

For the live event, they promoted their Knot Wrap products by creating a customized map visualization of all the content customers were sharing about these particular products.

Better Make Room Shines A Spotlight On Student Stories

When former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher Initiative set out to launch their Better Make Room campaign, they knew they needed to celebrate students’ stories in order to engage them in a conversation about furthering their education.

Using Stackla, Better Make Room not only aggregated and displayed hundreds of student stories across billboards in Time Square, but also showcased them with an interactive map on their homepage – giving the students a platform to share their academic ambitions and accomplishments with each other.

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