4 Brands That Are Owning the Holiday Season

By Lindsay Macdonald - December 17, 2018
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Marketing during the holidays can feel overwhelming; how can you ensure your brand stands out amongst the multitude of holiday-themed sales, promotional events and sweepstakes?

The key to connecting with the right consumers is authenticity. Drowning your customers in overdone holiday creative can cause them to lose interest before they even think to engage, let alone make a purchase.

Instead, successful holidays marketing strategies are leveraging what’s most relevant: engaging, real visuals. Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s 2018 Holiday Marketing Guide stresses the need for relatable images, stating:

Factors like end-to-end service, personalized experiences and brand message/culture are becoming value drivers for consumers. These changes matter even more during the holiday season, which means that marketers need to rethink their standard holiday plans and examine how important these emerging factors are to their audience if they plan to develop a consumer-centric 2018 holiday plan that can drive meaningful returns throughout the holiday season and beyond.

With this in mind, let’s look to these following four brands for important lessons in crafting the ultimate holiday marketing campaign:

1. Tito’s Vodka: Wear your heart (and your favorite vodka) on your sleeve

To promote their festive collection of branded merchandise, Tito’s Handmade Vodka developed a holiday campaign aimed at more than just gifting for their human customers; they included holiday items for man’s best friend, too.

Known for their #vodkafordogpeople charity initiatives, this season Tito’s is offering limited edition holiday sweaters for people and dogs alike.

By featuring a Stackla-powered user-generated visual gallery on their homepage, site visitors can see other people (and dogs!) spreading Christmas cheer in their Tito’s branded sweaters, scarfs and cozy caps — peaking people’s interest and subtly encouraging them to browse their online store.

In the store, you can find holiday-themed gifts front and center. And once you click into each product, Tito’s presents you with more authentic social proof.

It’s real, visually-engaging experiences like this that give Tito’s the leg up in their holiday marketing strategy.

2. Lush Cosmetics: Shoppable content that creates conversions

Lush Fresh Homemade Cosmetics always brings their A-game to the holidays with ready-made gift guides and gift sets, as well as created product names like Cherry Christmas, Holely Night and It’s Christmas Deer.

However, this year they took their holiday marketing strategy to a whole new level by not only launching user-generated content (UGC) across their homepage, but also turning those real social images into shoppable pieces of content.

By adding interactive ShopSpots to featured UGC images of holiday-themed products (who can resist a snowman bath bomb?), Lush makes it easy for customers to relate to content, prompting quick purchasing decisions for gift-giving. Or, you know, for treating yourself.


3. See’s Candies: Segmented experiences for speedy sweet treats

For the holiday season, See’s Candies ran extensive sales and promotions. With email subject lines like “★ FINAL HOURS ★ Free shipping + Christmas delivery, hurry!” and “DON’T. MISS. OUT. Free shipping ends soon!”, See’s immediately conveyed a sense of urgency with a succinct call to action to get your shopping done right away.

According to Yes Marketing’s report, these email offers work: “Christmas emails that featured free shipping offers garnered a substantial 11.7% conversion rate. Many of the strong performers in this category also used urgency to emphasize a looming delivery deadline and call for action.”

See’s also optimized the website’s homepage to make it as easy as possible for customers to make gifting decisions. Scrolling through, you can find best sellers, family-sized gifts, candy that comes gift wrapped and the option to even create your own custom box.

By aligning this user-friendly visual strategy with their holiday-themed emails and social media feeds, customers can engage with images across See’s’ channels and easily find the same products on the website via segments personalized by product preferences.

4. Baker’s Delight: UGC makes holiday shopping a piece of cake

Australian baking company, Baker’s Delight, thrives during the holiday season. With customers looking to fill their dinner tables with delectable sweets that will impress party guests and family alike, Baker’s Delight opted for the age-old adage: people eat with their eyes.

The brand filled their occasion homepage and product pages with irresistible shots of the cakes, pastries, cookies, pies and other sweet treats, set against cheerful holiday decorations. But, they didn’t stop there. Baker’s Delight uses Stackla to display the #MyBakerDelight pictures and videos their customers are cooking up and sharing online.

With their customers already proudly showing off their delicious goods across their personal social channels, featuring that authentic content across their site was a no-brainer for Baker’s Delight.

Engaging visuals create personal customer experiences

The right visuals can turn a good holiday marketing campaign into a great one. Top-tier marketing strategies are optimizing their customers’ user-generated content and developing personalized visual journeys to keep customers engaged.

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