Over 1M impressions for SBS Cycling Central social hub

By Peter Cassidy - July 25, 2012
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Source: campaignbrief.com
Published: 25th July, 2012

The SBS Cycling Central Social Hub, powered by Australian social media start-up Stackla, has smashed key online success metrics since launching in late June.

The Social Hub offers fans of the Tour de France a world-first second screen social experience and has generated over 1,000,000 page impressions since launching at the start of the Tour.
Stackla collects and showcases rich social media content from SBS journalists, professional Tour riders, teams and fans, allowing users to sort, rate and contribute to the social conversation around the world’s biggest annual sporting event.

Stackla is at the forefront of an emerging trend, where brands and organisations are providing curated social media content to their fans, meaning a more relevant & tailored social experience.

Says Toby Forage, executive producer for sport online at SBS: “Social media is an integral part of any sporting event we cover at SBS.

“Using the Tour de France as a vehicle to launch an innovative platform with the help of Stackla, something that brings the wealth of content across numerous social platforms to life visually, was an opportunity too good to miss. We’ve been delighted with the response from our audience, who are really enjoying the Social Hub.”

One of the most exceptional results for SBS is the ‘stickiness’ of the site, with users generating more than 40 page impressions per visit and an average session time of 27 minutes.

These measurements are up to 10 times regular results. Stackla managing director Damien Mahoney suggests Stackla’s ‘sticky’ social experience is the missing link for brands wanting to leverage existing social media audiences.

Says Mahoney: “We always knew Stackla had the capacity to bring an event to life, so it works perfectly alongside the amazing coverage of the Tour that SBS is renowned for.

“Stackla allows brands to bring the social conversation into an environment they control while providing their fans with the best content from the most popular social platforms.

“We are stoked to be working with such an innovative partner in SBS who saw the value in working with Stackla – a local, 100% Australian-owned company.”

The team at Stackla are already fielding enquiries from Canada, US and the UK within first 3 weeks of launch.

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