Stackla Asset Management

Digital asset management, reimagined.

Digital Asset Management for the Modern Marketer

Visual assets are the bread and butter of brand marketing, but they’re hard to source, create and manage at the velocity of modern marketing.

Stackla Asset Manager brings all of your owned, paid and earned visual content together into one centralized platform – easily and instantly accessible to any team, for any audience, on any channel.

A Single Point of Truth

The home for all your visual content – sourced from customers, influencers, agencies or internal teams.

A simple, secure and intuitive interface with configurable access for all your teams – from designers and developers to brand managers and digital marketers.

Powerful Content Discovery

Your asset manager is only as useful as the assets within it.

Discover engaging visual content from the social web to build a rich library of compelling, authentic assets to augment the content created by your brand teams and agencies.

Smart Curation

The right content at your fingertips when you need it.

AI-powered auto tagging recognizes over 11,000 objects, scenes, events and emotions.

Organize content with custom taxonomies, long form descriptions and relevant metatdata to enrich media for discovery and display.

Easily filter and search content by source, media type, rights status, descriptions and more.

Dynamic Distribution

Activate your visual content across any marketing channel.

True Multi-Channel Marketing

Post rights-managed, user-generated content on your social channels with direct social sharing tools.

Create more engaging and personalized content experiences across all your customer touchpoints – web, email, advertising, outdoor display, social commerce and more – using Stackla’s built-in publishing suite.

Connect Stackla Asset Manager to your marketing stack with direct integrations to the most popular marketing tools and technologies.

Build custom integrations and content activations with Stackla’s extensible APIs.


Built to support campaigns from niche to global.

Secure Anytime, Anywhere Access

Easily provide access to approved content to anyone in your organization via single-sign on (SSO) or multi-factor authentication (MFA). Control who can access content, and which content they can access with granular access controls.

Rock Solid Infrastructure

Take the headaches out of asset hosting with Stackla Asset Manager’s rock solid, blazing fast cloud infrastructure, powered by Amazon. Ensure your assets are stored securely and delivered efficiently to your customers.

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