Slack Integration

Helpful Stackla notifications and actions for your daily Slack workflow.

Stay in touch with Stackla, while you stay in touch with your colleagues

Receive notifications when Rights Management requests are approved. Publish content and download assets directly from Slack.

Rights Management Approval Notifications

Keep your content moderators in the loop with Slack notifications whenever a Rights Management request has been approved by the content creator.

View the post media, caption, network and current moderation status.

Direct Asset Downloads

When a Rights Management request is approved by the content creator, the image or video is sent directly to Stackla Asset Manager.

With a single click, Slack channel members can download a high resolution version of the asset directly within Slack.

Publish, Queue or Disable from Slack

You can choose to configure your Slack notifications to include Publish, Queue and Disable buttons.

Allow your Slack channel members to moderate freshly approved content from Slack notification actions.

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