The Most Robust UGC Platform for the Enterprise

Stackla is the only enterprise user-generated content platform built for the unique needs of your global brand.





Designed for Simplicity, Built for Scale

Stackla enables marketers to produce personalized experiences with authentic customer content while providing the security, scalability and flexibility enterprise IT teams require.

Scale Smart

Our modular application architecture allows you to build and scale your Stackla implementation to align with your organizational structure and needs.

Multi-stack management makes it easy to manage content and users across various brands, regions or teams.

Dynamic Content Delivery lets you power thousands of dynamic user-generated content galleries using a single snippet of code.

Co-Pilot deep learning and smart curation help you curate and publish content at scale, making predictive recommendations and continually improving internal efficiencies.

Embrace Flexibility

Seamlessly integrate Stackla with your other enterprise technologies and access to all your data via our comprehensive suite of APIs and developer tools.

Our API-first platform supports deep integrates into any tech stack and provides streamlined workflows for enterprise teams.

Automation Rules improve internal efficiencies and save marketers time by giving you the power to automate various content actions based on customizable triggers.

Stackla Chrome Extension lets marketers search and access Stackla UGC directly from their Chrome browsers as well as add, tag and rights manage visuals from within Twitter or YouTube browsers.

Stay Secure

Always have secure access to and storage and delivery of assets with our world-class cloud hosting, granular user controls and built-in security mechanisms.

Single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) help validate users and safeguard your brand’s information.

User access controls enable enterprises to set custom access rules for specific roles and stakeholders within the platform.

Stay GDPR compliant and up to Security Trust Assurance and Risk (STAR) standards.

Enterprise-Grade Technology

Global Content Sources - Aggregate content from 25+ top global social networks, including WeChat, Weibo and YouKu.

Visual Recognition - Automatically identify and tag visuals with relevant, rich metadata for faster searchability.

Smart Content Curation - Leverage our AI-powered curation tools for moderation recommendations that help speed and improve the curation process.

AI-Powered Content Recommendations - Rely on our deep learning algorithms to understand your specific brand and provide predictive recommendations on which content will perform best.

Robust Rights Management - Obtain legal rights to content with comprehensive rights management workflows on all networks.

Extensible APIs - Use our extensible suite of REST APIs and webhooks to streamline your internal workflows and customize your omni-channel content displays.

Omni-Channel Content Distribution - Create consistently powerful content experience across all your marketing channels.

Advanced Security & Compliance- Secure your content with single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and cloud identity access management while remaining GDPR compliant.

Global Support - Get 24/7 support, top-notch onboarding and training as well as quarterly business reviews from our industry-leading customer success team.

Reimagined Asset Management - Centralize all your earned, owned and paid assets in our dynamic asset manager that powers real-time content discovery and recommendations.

Strategic Success Program - Expert services designed to make sure your Stackla implementation is fast, stress-free and effective so you can achieve faster time to value.

Multi-Stack Management - Deploy and manage multiple instances of Stackla across key business divisions, whilst allowing assets to be rolled up to a central view.

Automation Rules - Improve internal efficiencies and save marketers time by enabling them to automate various actions based on customizable content triggers.

Personalization at Scale - Deliver truly personalized digital experience to your audience by integrating Stackla UGC with your CMSs, DXPs and other personalization tools.

Dynamic Content Delivery - Dynamically display the most relevant content across all your UGC galleries with a single snippet of code that can be connected to your SKUs for responsive product displays at scale.

User Access Controls - Control admin permissions and user access at the most granular levels.

Extensive Integrations - Easily connect Stackla to your tech stack and daily workflows.

Content Customization - Completely customize content gallery widgets to match your brand guidelines using our REST and JavaScript APIs.

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