Putting the Power of Predictive AI at Your Fingertips

Continually save time while delivering better content experiences with the predictive intelligence of Stackla Co-Pilot.

Find the best content and brand advocates more quickly

Make better, faster content decisions

Publish more of the content your audience craves

Better Content, Less Effort

There’s a world of authentic and engaging consumer visuals out there for brands to leverage, but finding the right content, for the right audience can be an overwhelming task.

Co-Pilot is the only machine learning engine that makes real-time predictive recommendations on which content you should publish, discard, tag or rights manage by observing patterns in the content you publish and how it performs with your audiences—meaning you can continually publish better content with less effort.

Predictive Content Recommendations


Publishing Recommendations

Co-Pilot analyzes unique characteristics in every post you aggregate, including network, media type, visual recognition concepts, language and more. Machine learning algorithms take this data and combine it with your complete curation history as evidence of your preferences.

Performance data of similar content is also taken into account, to provide you with content recommendations that match your brand preferences and are likely to best engage your specific audiences.


Tagging Recommendations

Tagging does a lot more than keep your user-generated content organized. Tags make your visual content searchable, allowing you to attach rich metadata to content, such as campaign or product information.

Co-Pilot analyzes each post and compares it with all the tagged content in Stackla to produce recommendations about tags you should apply, saving you moderation time and ensuring all your content is organized and searchable.


Rights Management Recommendations

Rights management opens the door to a deeper relationship with your best brand advocates. Not only can you reach out to receive content usage rights, but you can also capture customer contact data to initiate an ongoing customer relationship.

Co-Pilot analyzes all previous rights requests — approved or denied — and provides recommendations about which content creators you stand the best chance of receiving a positive response from.


Reduction in content curation time


Process orders of magnitude more content

Increased Efficiency

"Co-Pilot substantially helps us cut down the time we spend curating content, by about 33%. In an average month we’ll aggregate about 10,000 pieces of content. That’s a lot for a couple of people to go through everyday. Co-Pilot allows us to focus on about 2,000 of those pieces of content based on what we’ve previously approved; what type of images they were, where the location was, as well as what pieces of content have performed well with our audience in the past."
"Stackla’s AI-powered content curation and predictive recommendations have allowed our busy team to quickly and efficiently acquire high-quality fan visuals and publish them to all our most relevant digital channels with the click of a button. It would take two additional full-time employees to manually go through [our] volume of [UGC] content, but with Stackla our existing team can curate and moderate all that content in just a few hours per week."

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