Navigate a world of content with
the power of machine learning at your fingertips

Better Content, Less Effort

There’s a world of great customer stories out there for brands to leverage in their marketing. But finding the right content, for the right audience can be an overwhelming task.

Co-Pilot navigates this world of content, so you don’t have to.

Using machine learning to observe patterns in the content you publish and how it engages your audience, Co-Pilot makes predictive recommendations to help you deliver authentic, personalized experiences at scale.

How It Works

Co-Pilot continually learns and improves – observing, measuring and evaluating hundreds of data points to build a profile of the content you like and how it resonates with your audience.

Content Intelligence

Co-Pilot analyzes visual recognition, media metadata, location, language, sentiment and author profile data to gain a deep understanding of each piece of content.

Performance Insights

Every click, like, share, vote, view, play and buy is tracked to understand which content is engaging your audience and driving action.

Moderator Preferences

Co-Pilot observes as you curate content – publishing, discarding, tagging and requesting rights – to build a profile of your personal preferences.

Predictive Recommendations

Co-Pilot’s machine learning algorithms process this data and apply learnings to each new piece of content as it is aggregated.

The result is a stream of real-time predictive recommendations about content you should publish, discard, tag and rights manage that matches your personal preferences and will perform best with your audience.

See how you can start getting better content with less effort.

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