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Access your assets and send social posts to Stackla directly from Google Chrome.

Stackla on standby while you're at work on the web

The Stackla Chrome Extension creates a link between your Chrome browser and Stackla, providing a quick and easy method of performing popular Stackla actions.

Search, Sort & Filter Assets

Use the search and filter bar at the top of the extension window to look for specific assets you want to find.

You can search by keyword and/or filter by:

  • Source
  • Tag
  • Network Origin
  • Media Type
  • Date

Download, Link or Drag & Drop Assets

Download an asset to your computer.

Grab a publicly accessible link which can be used to post visuals from Stackla to social networks or embed them in HTML webpages.

Drag and drop the asset directly from the Chrome Extension popup to any compatible webpage.

Push Social Content To Stackla

When you’re browsing Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and you find great customer content, click the Stackla icon on each post to send it to Stackla.

You can even Tag your content and set its publication status right there in the Chrome Extension so it arrives in Stackla fully moderated.

Send Rights Management Requests

Request usage rights from content creators directly from the Chrome Extension.

Select your post, choose your Rights Management request method (hashtag response or approval form), choose from your pre-written request messages or create a unique message.

Bonus: Install our Slack Plugin to be notified when a content creator has approved your Rights Management request.

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