More High-Performing Content With Less Effort

Build a rich library of visuals and bring engaging experiences to your customers at scale with Stackla’s AI-powered user-generated content platform and dynamic asset manager.


Access a Constant Stream of Authentic Visuals

Need a high volume and variety of visuals to support all your marketing activities? Stackla offers the most comprehensive content discovery tools, enabling you tap into the endless stream of authentic visuals your customers create online everyday.

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Source content from 25+ social networks, more than any other platform.

Aggregate content using keywords, hashtags, geolocation page, profile, direct upload and more.

Filter content streams and quickly identify relevant content with Stackla’s powerful rules engine.


Identify the Best Content From Every Network

Make efficient and scalable content choices with the help of the most sophisticated smart curation platform.

Leverage visual recognition technology to identify and auto-tag over 11,000 objects, scenes, events, emotions and brands.

Spend less time moderating content using AI-powered curation so you select from only the best, most relevant content.

Rely on predictive recommendations from our machine learning engine, Co-Pilot, to help spot which content will best engage audiences.


Request and Manage Content Rights On Any Network

Offering the most robust rights management workflows of any UGC platform, Stackla makes it easy for you to request and obtain the rights to customer content on any social network.

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Turn earned media into owned assets at scale by using our batch rights tool to send dozens of requests with a single click.

Request rights by response, letting users provide permissions with the ease of a hashtag.

Request rights by registration, offering a customizable form for you to obtain permissions and capture valuable user data.


Centralize and Organize Your Growing Visual Library

Built for high-velocity digital marketing teams, our nimble Asset Manager centralizes all your owned, paid and earned content into single, dynamic platform so the right content, with the right permissions, is available to the right people at the right time.

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Quickly search and sort content with custom taxonomies, rich metadata and smart tools that put the best visuals at your fingertips.

Create visual collections to help organize assets and manage user permissions.

Easily edit assets with intuitive cropping, filtering and overlay capabilities that quickly turn earned visuals into production-ready assets.


Showcase Engaging Visuals Everywhere Your Customers Are

Fuel fully integrated marketing programs with the only UGC platform that supports true multi-channel marketing through built-in publishing and best in breed martech integrations.

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Display real-time content with dynamic UGC displays across ads, websites, emails, social, commerce, live events and more.

Drag and drop visuals from Stackla Asset Manager directly into any Stackla-supported platform with our free Chrome extension.

Customize where and how your visuals are displayed with our comprehensive suite of APIs and developer tools.


Optimize Content Performance with AI Technology

Continually publish better content with less effort using our machine learning engine, Co-Pilot, to provide actionable content recommendations in real time.

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Reduce moderation time with Co-Pilot’s deep learning algorithms.

Improve the performance of your visual assets with predictive content recommendations.

Make more timely and informed decisions around which content to request rights for and which to discard.

Designed for Simplicity, Built for Scale

Real-Time Content Discovery
AI-Powered Recommendations
Seamless Integrations
Application Scalability
Intuitive Interface
Platform Flexibility
Enterprise Security
Insightful Analytics

Real Content, Proven Results

Time Savings
Improved efficiency with Stackla's AI-powered content curation and recommendations
Cost Savings
Cost savings with Stackla UGC over traditional content creation and sourcing methods.

See how you can start getting better content with less effort.

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