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Discover Impactful Content

Discover content from 25+ sources including major social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and niche networks like Twitch and Foursquare as well as blogs, direct upload and data feeds.

Pinpoint the best content with hashtag, keyword and geo-location search. Filter by language, location, sentiment, follower count and more.

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AI-Powered Smart Curation

Reduce moderation time and make better content choices.

Visual recognition automatically identifies over 11,000 objects, scenes, events and emotions, enriching content metadata and making visual content searchable.

Co-Pilot crunches hundreds of data points to predict which content will perform best with your audience and cut your moderation time in half — meaning you can publish better content with less effort.

Connect content to commerce by identifying and tagging products in visual content. Direct links to point-of-purchase provide a conversion path for your audience.

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Manage Content Rights

Planning to put authentic UGC to use in your advertising? Or simply want to use great, customer creative without attribution?

You need to request content rights.

Stackla makes it easy to reach out to content creators and gain content rights with ease.

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Deliver Authentic Content At Every Touchpoint

A built-in publishing suite, plugins, integrations and developer APIs give you multiple ways to deliver unique and personalized visual content that converts at every touchpoint — from websites and eCommerce to emails, ads and live event displays.

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Measure What Matters

Identify the contributors and content that’s engaging your audience. Analyze content by metrics like interaction, language, sentiment, conversions, geolocation, media type and more.

Track performance with built-in Insights reporting or the web analytics tools you already use.

Built For Enterprise

Marketers at enterprise brands rely on technology to help them deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. Enterprise IT teams are charged with ensuring the technology chosen will meet their organization's evolving needs.

Stackla is the only UGC platform that enables marketers to produce personalized experiences with authentic customer content while providing the security, scalability and flexibility enterprise IT teams require.

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