Official network partnerships deliver unmatched aggregation power. Discover the best user-generated content from 25+ sources on the social web and beyond.

  • #Hashtags and keywords

    The staple search method - grab content by hashtag, keyword search and mentions of your brand.

  • Influencers and official accounts

    Follow and aggregate content from the pages and profiles of influencers, experts and trusted accounts.

  • Geolocation

    Sometimes it's not ‘who’ or ‘what’ is being posted but where it's being posted from that matters most. Drop a pin on a map and access the content posted from that location.

  • Beyond the networks

    Extend your reach beyond the social networks to discover content from blogs, RSS, content feeds and custom data sources.


Machine learning-powered content curation saves you time and helps you deliver authentic, personalized experiences at scale.

  • Organize with workflows

    Filter content by source, media type, sentiment, location and more. Create custom moderation views, workflows and approval processes.

  • Build a UGC library

    Tag and categorise content to create a UGC library. Link content to your product SKUs and create custom CTAs and clickthroughs.

  • Work smarter, not harder

    Reduce moderation time by automating with smart rules. Schedule content publication ahead of time.

Rights Management

Reach out directly to content creators to request explicit permission to use their content. Content creators can approve with a single hashtag reply, or direct them to complete a form to accept your legal T&C’s and provide their contact data.


User-generated content is real, authentic and it drives decisions. Put this content to work in every channel to build trust, increase engagement and drive conversion.

  • Social Commerce

    Leverage authentic customer recommendations to increase confidence at the point of sale, reduce shopping cart abandonment and drive sales.

  • Multi-network social competitions

    Create true, multi-network competitions on your owned properties. Incentivise your fans to create and share content with their personal networks.

  • Data capture

    Reach out directly to content creators to reward and incentivise them to provide contact data. Use that data to build contact lists and enrich CRM profiles.

  • Dynamic visualizations

    Bring content to life with customisable Widgets, big screen displays, interactive maps and real-time data visualizations.

Leverage UGC at every touchpoint

Stackla takes user-generated content further. Customisable displays right out of the box, plugins for your marketing tech stack and a suite of APIs for developing deep integrations and custom activations.

Use Cases Integrations

Report, analyze, optimize

Quick glance dashboards drill down to powerful reporting engines so you can report on, analyze and optimize your content discovery and publication.

Report, analyze, optimize
  • Identify your advocates

    Identify the contributors that are engaging your audience. Rank your content contributors by volume, interaction, sentiment, conversions and more.

  • Analyze your audience

    Discover which content your audience is interacting with and how. Analyze content by metrics like geolocation, interactions, media type and sentiment.

  • Make informed decisions

    Tweak your aggregation to discover more of the content your audience responds to. Streamline your curation to identify and amplify the most impactful content.

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