Use the best tools for the job

You decide which marketing tools you want to use. We’ll focus on helping you supercharge them with user-generated content.

Explore the plugins

From email to e-commerce, social advertising to social management, broadcast to billboards—there’s a plugin for you.

  • Brand Networks

    Brand Networks

    Power your social advertising campaigns with dynamic user-generated content.

  • Sitecore


    Integrate social media and user-generated content directly into your Sitecore XP experiences.

  • Drupal


    Display the latest social content directly on your Drupal pages.

  • Adroll


    Power your retargeting ads with user-generated content to drive return site visits.

  • WordPress


    Easily create and configure Stackla widgets from your WordPress admin console.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Track user interactions with Stackla Widgets in the world's most popular web analytics tool.

  • Hootsuite


    Discover content with Hootsuite, display it with Stackla.

  • Sizmek


    Achieve scale and efficiency with Sizmek’s creative targeting and retargeting ad management.

  • VizRT


    Integrate user-generated content into your broadcast graphics with VizRT Social TV.

  • Livestream Studio

    Livestream Studio

    Integrate user-generated content into your broadcast graphics with Livestream Studio.

  • ChyronHego Shout

    ChyronHego Shout

    Deliver Stackla-curated content to ChyronHego’s easy-to-use social media editor.

  • Zapier


    Easily connect Stackla to other web services like MailChimp, Salesforce, Shopify, and more.

  • Agile CRM

    Agile CRM

    Help your business achieve its data acquisition strategy by feeding your Agile CRM instance with contact details directly from Stackla.

  • Campaign Monitor

    Campaign Monitor

    Send the customer data you collect with Stackla to Campaign Monitor.

  • Chatter


    Enrich your Stack with the latest content and conversations happening within your business' Chatter feeds.

  • Insightly


    Enrich your Insightly contact data and begin tracking new prospects who interact with your brand on social.

  • Mailchimp


    Capture content creators' details during the Rights via Registration process and send them to MailChimp.

  • Notify My Andriod

    Notify My Andriod

    Want to know the minute someone claims a tile? This automation will do just that.

  • Reddit


    Enrich your Stack with the latest content and conversations happening within the Reddit community.

  • Salesforce


    Take data straight from Stackla’s Rights Management and create new Contacts in Salesforce.

  • Yammer


    Get the latest content and conversations form your business' Yammer community and bring them into your Stack.

  • Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM

    Drive your business’ data acquisition strategy by collecting real contact data from user-generated content.

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