Power Authentic Consumer Marketing with User-Generated Content

Engage and energize consumers with compelling, real customer stories.

Consumers Trust and Share Social Content

Consumers have always considered word-of-mouth recommendations the most credible source of product advertising. Now social networks are enabling people to share more than ever, causing consumers to turn to this trusted social content to discover and research products.

76% of CPG shopping trips start online and many consumers continue researching products and comparing products on smartphones.

92% of consumers trust earned media more than any form of advertising.

Millennials are 1.6X more likely to use digital channels to learn about new products.

Harness the Power of Social Content

Marketers no longer need to rely on brand-centric marketing which is expensive, unengaging and difficult to scale. Now they can leverage user-generated content (UGC) to cut through the noise online and start reaching consumers with the genuine, relatable and personalized content they seek when making purchasing decisions.

Top CPG brands – including Kellogg’s, Lush, Red Bull, Sony and Unilever – use Stackla’s leading UGC platform to easily and scalably discover, curate, engage, and analyze their most powerful customer stories across all their marketing touchpoints.





Connect with Consumers Wherever They Go

Engaging Websites

Create authentic and engaging websites experiences by seamlessly showcasing fresh, relevant consumer content. You can even geo-target specific locations, run contests or launch interactive social maps.

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Impactful Advertising

Energize your paid media with the most compelling social imagery and customer stories. Boost click through rates and overall ad performance by telling visual stories consumers can connect with.

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Better Emails

Put a truly personal touch on your email campaigns by infusing them with dynamic and unique user-generated content. Usable within any email marketing platform, you can easily curate, style and customize real-time consumer content into your branded emails.

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Live Events

Ignite genuine social interactions by encouraging and rewarding your brand’s fans to share photos and experiences through online Q&A sessions, polls, endorsements and even a little friendly competition.

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Social Commerce

Improve web engagement, eCommerce conversion rates, digital ad performance and social ROI by powering all your core marketing channels with trusted visual stories and social content.

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“It was fantastic to be able to engage with all attendees at Lush’s 4-Day 20th Anniversary Festival via the Stackla social wall and to have it curated and displayed in such a visually impactful manner really making it an integral part of our show!”

Adam Goswell, Head of Digital Design @ Lush

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