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We understand the unique challenges agencies face

In fact, the idea for Stackla was born from within an agency – formed from the fundamental belief that user-generated content (UGC) is a core component of every brand's content strategy.

Over 100 digital and development agencies lean on Stackla as an integral part of their campaign delivery infrastructure - agencies who understand the value of dynamic, authentic content in driving brand engagement, trust and sales.

Why do the world's leading agencies use Stackla?

  • Complete Design Control

    Built in templating and CSS editors allow you to customize every aspect of your displays. Robust, fully documented JavaScript APIs allow you to control behavior and extend functionality.

  • Painless Platform Integrations

    From plugins that can connect you to the most popular martech platforms with a single click, to comprehensive REST APIs and Webhooks - it’s quick and easy to build Stackla into your preferred tech stack and processes.

  • True, Multi-Channel Solutions

    Deliver user-generated content to websites, eCommerce, email, online advertising, DOOH, live events, in-store display or anywhere else you need it.

  • Flexible, Scalable Architecture

    Tailor your setup to suit your campaign and your clients. Manage environments and entitlements across multiple clients from a single interface. Scale up when you need more, down when you need less.

  • Streamlined Content Publishing

    Successful campaigns attract a lot of engagement. Smart, machine learning powered tech like image recognition and predictive recommendations help you curate at scale with ease.

  • Documentation That Makes Sense

    That’s it. Just really good, complete documentation. Support when you need it - live, online support - ticketed, tracked and available in your region and time zone.

Helping agencies deliver real results

We put a focus on authentic user-generated content, using it to power our social display advertising. We were confident leveraging UGC would attract positive engagement from our audience, but even we were surprised just how much more effective it was. We’re thrilled with the results and proud of the campaign we were able to deliver for Toyota.Close Quote

Kirsten Matthew from Media Blanco, Toyota’s creative agency of choice

Turn social content into increased results

Engaging Websites

Create authentic and engaging website experiences by seamlessly showcasing fresh, relevant customer content. You can even geo-target specific locations, run contests or launch interactive social maps.

Impactful Advertising

Elevate paid media with the most compelling social imagery and customer stories. Boost click through rates and overall ad performance by telling a story people can get inspired by.

Better Emails

Put a truly personal touch on email campaigns by infusing them with dynamic and unique user-generated content. Usable within any email marketing platform, you can easily curate, style and customize real-time content into your clients branded emails.

Live Experiences

Cultivate genuine social interactions by encouraging and rewarding travelers to share their photos and experiences through online Q&A sessions, polls, endorsements and even a little friendly competition.

Increased Conversions

Increase online bookings, ad conversion rates, audience engagement, and social ROI by powering all your core marketing channels with trusted visual stories and social content.

We've helped multiple agencies win awards for their work

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