User-generated content marketing industry solutions

Brands across nearly every industry are beginning to tap into the massive amount of compelling, visual content customers are sharing across social platforms everyday. By harnessing and showcasing these genuine customer stories, brands can connect with consumers in a more authentic, personalized and impactful way.


Today, 80% of car buyers said they were more likely to turn to their social network for car buying advice than a car salesperson. Find out how top automotive brands, like BMW, Harley Davidson, Subaru and Toyota, are giving potential auto buyers the authentic, relatable content they seek when deciding on a new vehicle.

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Travel & Hospitality

Travelers seek meaningful experiences, with 83% using social networking, video or photo sites as online sources of travel inspiration. Find out how global travel brands, such as Expedia, Contiki, Virgin Holidays and Carnival Cruises, are providing travelers with the compelling social content they seek for inspiration and validation when booking their next adventures.

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

With 76% of CPG shopping trips starting online, consumers are turning to trusted social content to discover and research products. Learn how leading consumer brands, like Kellogg’s, Lush, Red Bull, Sony and Unilever, are cutting through the noise online to reach consumers with the genuine, personalized content they seek when making buying decisions.

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Over 100 digital and development agencies lean on Stackla as an integral part of their campaign delivery infrastructure - agencies who understand the value of dynamic, authentic content in driving brand engagement, trust and sales.

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Food & Beverage

People are sharing more food and beverage inspired-content than ever before, and over half of Millennials food and drink purchases are inspired or influenced by this trusted social content. Learn how leading Food and Beverage brands, like Pernod Ricard, Heineken, Nestle and McDonald’s, are cutting through the noise online to reach consumers with the genuine, relatable content they seek when making purchasing decisions.

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