What We Do

Stackla is the world’s smartest visual content engine, helping modern marketers discover, manage and display the best content across all their marketing touchpoints.

With our AI-powered user-generated content (UGC) platform and asset manager, Stackla sits at the core of the marketing stack, actively discovering and recommending the best visual content from across the social web, as well as internal and external resources, to fuel personalized content experiences at scale.

Using Stackla, marketers can spend less time creating expensive creative assets and more time delivering relatable and influential visual customer experiences.

How We Got Here

In the summer of 2012, our founders Damien Mahoney and Peter Cassidy were running a digital consultancy for professional sports teams in Australia.

Working closely with sports and broadcasters, the pair soon identified a central challenge facing their clients: content was expensive to create, web audiences were being cannibalized by social networks, and nobody quite knew how to derive value from social engagement.

The idea for Stackla was simple: we would save clients from spending huge sums of money on boring content. Instead, we would allow them to tap into and showcase the wealth of amazing stuff their fans were sharing online.

And sports were just the beginning.

Today, with over 60 employees in Sydney, San Francisco, London, Austin and New York and hundreds of customers, Stackla continues to grow—building a culture, a technology and a customer base we’re truly proud of.

Who We Are

We’re a team of techies, foodies, winemakers, musicians, sports nuts, film buffs, snow freaks, innovators, and entrepreneurs. And we’re all working together to write the Stackla story.